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Benefits of Kindergarten by providing kid’s parents with a mobile application

  1. Offer your customers unique experience in providing information and effective communication while staying at their premises.

  2. Give parents through the application the chance to be informed about the services offered by the school.

  3. Reduce the cost of printing hundreds of copies every week for each kid in order to inform parents for any News regarding to Classes or the Kindergarten.

  4. Present updated Weekly Food Menu offered to kids, and make it accessible anytime-anywhere.

  5. Let the parents review all the class announcements for their kids and give them access to photos related.

  6. Inform parents in advance regarding to Kindergarten’s Events such as visiting for sight seeing, annual celebration and any activity takes place outside the school area.

  7. Get Partners that will love to offer a discount to kid’s parents when they buy from them.  Charge them if they want to be presented on your school’s mobile application.

  8. Send parents Free Push-Notifications, every time you wish to inform them about any News – Activities, deadlines, closing-opening dates etc.

  9. Give parents a nice tool of checking the Weather around the area every time they wish. 

A mobile application for a kindergarten is an amazing tool, both for better customer service and communication, and for the need to provide all the information that a parent needs on his mobile screen. Technology goes so fast, that everything is done through a mobile phone.

So imagine the parent’s experience of being able to be informed at the touch of a “button” at any time, wherever she/he is, as well as the power of re-marketing to the existing parent.

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“Providing our customers the best service and experience when they are staying in our hotel, is our objective. We are giving them all the info they need, on their mobile phones. Great work from a professional team. Thanks a lot!”

Michalis Poleos - General Manager, Pavlo Napa Beach Hotel