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Welcome to BelongApps

Our Story Behind…

It all started from two friends dining out in their favorite local steakhouse restaurant. For their surprise, they realized that the renewed Menu was missing some of the best, according to their taste, steak plates.

Instantly they looked for the restaurant owner, a well known person to them by asking him why those plates had been removed from the new Menu. The owner, replied that, other customers were also complaining for these changes, and with honesty admitted that all these years he had never managed to find an efficient  way to get feedback from his customers or even inform them for any updates made to Menu or Special Nights, Events, Working Hours etc.

The lack of communication between the business and its customers, gave birth to an idea of providing a mobile tool that will benefit both, businesses and customers, to interact together with the most effective way. 

Our Solution…

What else could be the best tool in solving that kind of communication problem?

dedicated mobile application, where customers can receive informative Push-Notifications straight on their smartphones or get instantly connected with the business from their mobile screens, anytime anywhere.

BelongApps specializes on mobile apps development for Android & iOS platforms, in affordable prices, that will help small and medium size businesses boost their mobile marketing strategy, by promoting products & services, updating company’s news and encouraging loyal customers to keep coming back.

Our Team’s Skills

We will also help you with

Mobile Application Development 100%
Web Design 95%
Internet Marketing 94%
Graphic Design 92%
Sales & Promotion 93%
Customer Loyalty 90%