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Why it is better to rent an application instead of develop one?2018-04-18T19:52:32+00:00

Renting a mobile application it is easier, less time consuming and cheaper.

We have already built a system (CMS) for you and we can create a mobile application in less than 2-3 weeks.  It is easier to update and costs less money.

Thus, the total investment for a business in order to obtain a mobile application for its customers, it is just a fraction of the total cost of building it from scratch.

What are Push Notifications and how can I use them?2018-04-13T07:48:28+00:00

A push notification is actually a message that pops up on user’s mobile device.  Push notification looks like an SMS message, and can reach all users who have downloaded your mobile application. Unlike SMS, push notification is free and can be send through our CMS.

It is a great tool that can be used from every business to

  • promote products or offers to increase sales
  • improve customer experience
  • drive users to additional marketing channels like social networks
  • inform for instant special discounts

and any kind of news that will help customers make a buying decision for your products or services.  Be aware that push notifications must be used in such a way of not disturbing and annoying the app user.

What if I need additional technical support?2018-04-12T23:20:51+00:00

We will be happy to help you out if you have any questions for your mobile application. Simply call us or email us, and our support team will get back to you with the solution. We will do our best to assist you and advise you in order to fulfill your business goals.

How long does it take to build and publish the application on Apple & Google Play Stores?2018-04-12T23:20:42+00:00

Usually it takes about 1 week to implement the design and insert all the relevant content, through our CMS, if the information is available on time from the customer.  After the final approval it takes another 2 weeks for the application to appear in Apple & Google Play Stores.  Then your customers will be ready to download and use your application.

Who is updating the mobile application?2018-04-13T08:24:20+00:00

The mobile application is being updated automatically and constantly from our CMS in order to meet the latest technologies available.

On the other side, the content of the mobile application can be updated as often as you like through our dedicated CMS, where every customer will have its own administrator login codes.

What is the design process of the application development?2018-04-13T08:11:20+00:00

We have brake down the development process to 5 crucial steps:

  1. Defining your business goals and sketching the basic design
  2. Designing the mobile application to meet your business requirements for approval
  3. Entering, via our CMS, all relevant data for your business
  4. Uploading your approved mobile app to Apple & Google Play Stores
  5. Updating, evaluating and make changes to meet your business goals
What is a free demo app?2018-04-13T08:11:26+00:00

It is a demo mobile application that will function like a published app on the Apple or Google Play Store and you will be able to experience it, like any other user, when it is finally ready for download from stores.

We will make all the appropriate design preparation and include all the major features your business needs, without any obligation and totally FREE of charge.

Just download BELONGAPPS (Customer Support) Mobile Application, Contact us here, and we will give you a call for a Free Quote.

Who is going to create all the graphic design materials for the mobile application?2018-04-13T08:11:47+00:00

We will take care of this issue as well.  Our  graphic designers team will create all the material related with photographs, colors, backgrounds, sketching etc., that will lead to the professional look of the application, until your are satisfied with the final design.  This is actually what the user is going to view and experience, a nice well designed application that will function the best possible way to satisfy end user’s expectations.

Will a mobile application benefit my business and increase sales?2018-04-13T08:08:28+00:00

Yes, if you promote your mobile application to your customers and they download it, then the big step is done.  From that point, your business mobile marketing strategy is in effect to benefit your customers and give them incentives to keep coming back.  Our team will be happy to help you and guide you, by providing your business with additional marketing ideas and advises to meet your goals.


Which app store should i choose to develop the mobile application for?2018-04-13T08:08:02+00:00

That depends on your specific target audience and the mobile devices they use.  A good source of answering this question would be your company’s website traffic analytics.  If you can not get this kind of information do not worry. The mobile applications we develop are uploaded on both stores (Apple & Google Play Store) where all the users with devices operating iOS or Android will be able to download them.

Why my customers need a mobile application?2018-04-13T08:08:21+00:00

Today’s customers are very demanding and always look for the best customer service and experience from every business, either they are buying from or they are planning to buy in the future. Having a dedicated mobile application for your business, gives them the benefit of effective communication at the right moment at their fingerprints.  Anything customers may want  is in their mobile devices, which is where your business needs to be, too.

What is native mobile application?2018-04-13T07:48:50+00:00

Native mobile applications are called those applications that can be downloaded through an app store, for instance, the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  They are developed uniquely for each platform and can take advantage of all the device features such as, the camera, the GPS, contacts etc.

That advantage gives the user the ability to send messages, capture pictures through the app, set reminders for events by providing a much better (UX) user experience. Native applications are downloaded on the user’s mobile device and most of their features function without an internet connection.

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