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All About “Gamos and More” Mobile Application

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Wedding Registration Form

Wedding Details on Mobile

Share with Friends

Upload Your Photos

Gamos and More Mobile App Overview

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Benefits of Gamos and More mobile application

  • Register your marriage details through Wedding Form

  • Review all details and provide us with your unique access code

  • Share via mobile app all the info with your relatives, friends and guests

  • Let everybody by using your access code know about your wedding date (Ceremony, Wedding Party Location etc.)

  • Give them access to upload photos captured from your wedding day that you never had the chance to see.

  • Watch all these nice photos with your family.

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“It was very nice to see our guests finding the church located far away from Nicosia and was incredible that we were viewing all these photos our friends uploaded from our wedding day, with my husband the next day.  Thank you very much!!!”

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