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Pavlo Napa Mobile App Overview

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Benefits of Pavlo Napa providing its customers with a mobile application

  • They want to offer their customers unique experience in providing information and effective communication while staying at their premises.

  • They want their customers through the app to be informed about the services offered by the hotel, such as the available restaurants & bars as well as their operating hours, sports facilities and other important information that every visitor must know when arriving at their hotel.

  • They decided to reduce the cost of printing hundreds of copies, as well as frequently replacing them with daily wear and tear, for every room visitor who would like to study Hotel Directory with all the relevant details.

  • Innovate by offering their visitors a full questionnaire about the experience they had in their stay at the hotel through the application, saving extra money from printouts and now electronically overwhelming all questionnaires with a method that allows them to evaluate them more effectively.

  • They inform guests of all events inside and outside the hotel with Free Push-Notifications, which offers more choices for users to make more creative use of their free time.

  • They use the application for internal use with a password, to keep their employees informed of various meetings or details of their hotel operation.

A mobile application for a hotel is a must, both for better customer service and communication, and for the need to provide all the information that a visitor needs on his mobile screen. Technology goes so fast that everything is done through a mobile phone.

So imagine the visitor’s experience of being able to be informed at the touch of a “button” at any time, wherever he is, as well as the power of re-marketing to the existing customer, with future offers to various services offered by the hotel.

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“Providing our customers the best service and experience when they are staying in our hotel, is our objective. We are giving them all the info they need, on their mobile phones. Great work from a professional team. Thanks a lot!”

Michalis Poleos - General Manager, Pavlo Napa Beach Hotel